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This program is designed to help you start (or re-
start) a Keto diet, stick to it, and get great results.

To help you achieve your goals, this program
focuses on several different aspects of yourdiet
and lifestyle…

As you would expect, what you eat and drink is
highly important for your health and well-being
(and for getting into ketosis).
That’s why – for instance – we focus on keeping
your carb intake to under 25 grams of carbs per
But it’s not just about your macronutrients! Food
quality matters – so make sure to eat plenty of
green leafy vegetables, healthy fats, as well as
avoid low carb “junk.” (Or just follow the meal plan.)

While it’s possible to lose weight without exercise,
you need to do it if you want to retain muscle and
bone while losing fat! Having enough muscle is
essential for long-term health as well as ensuring
you don’t injure yourself.

Having a supportive and positive community of
like-minded individuals is crucial for your success.
So, surround yourself with friends and family
members who will cheer you on when the going
gets tough.

“Stressful” events will keep happening – we can’t
control them or other people. But we can do
something about how we react to those events/
people. Learning to relax and enjoy the journey is a
lifelong process.